Wedding Reflections

Wedding Reflections

One hundred sixty-seven days of marriage is even the halfway point and I’m feeling nostalgic. This week, Susie and I have undertaken the long delayed task of sorting through a treasure trove of wedding photos (I didn’t realize that still shots fully capture my stunning lack of rhythm) and sending out ‘thank you’ cards to wedding guests.

As we reviewed our photographs that were so generously provided by my cousins, Kenneth and Steven Tutein (Total Focus Studios), Roger Hector and Corky Baboolal. Many of the pictures are stunning and adorn our walls and tabletops.

_DSC0223I am filled with immense warmth and giddiness when I look at the Corky’s interpretation of Susie’s hand holdingĀ mine as we display the symbols of our eternal love.

Seeing the rings reminds me of the Riddle Song (of course, sung by Sam Cooke):

“I gave my love a ring that had no end…

“How can there be a ring that has no end…

“A ring while it’s rolling has no end…”

Well, that’s exactly how I see marriage with Susie. As long as we keep rolling along in love, we’ll have no end.

Now if only I could give “my love a baby with no crying.”

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