Michael Benjamin & SusieQ Wong Wedding Invitation

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  1. SusieQ

    We can’t wait to celebrate our union with all of you! Get ready to dance!

  2. Alicia Barksdale

    You both are so BLESSED! May you find more love every day in your hearts for each other, always carry the abundance of happiness and get plenty of tranquility with the love and respect you have for each other!
    God Bless!
    Alicia Barksdale

  3. Alisa

    Susie Q, and Michael B…
    ASG loves loves loves you both.
    You are the best example of what is good in the world.
    You are so meant to be together. We have all loved to watch you fall in love and learn to be great to eachother and FOR eachother.
    Thank you for always including us in your world. We are stuck together for LIFE>…
    This is an amazing and wonderful event…and we look forward to being represented by your side.
    Alisa, Stu and Gary

  4. Lorrie

    May you love each other, be patient with one another and find an abundance of happiness. Even though we won’t be able to join you on your wedding day, we pray that your union may be blessed with the joy you both deserve. Many blessings. Lorrie & Edbert

  5. Cat

    we are excited to celebrate with you! we wish you both all the happiness in the world!
    Cat & Jeff

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