Michael Benjamin & SusieQ Baby Bump Announcement
Special Delivery in June 2015!

A Baby Is Coming!…

It’s all true! There’s a special delivery on the way for June 2015! Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Susie Benjamin are expecting their very first child EVER! We want to share news of our coming bundle of joy with all of you! Although, we have no idea what to expect… we do hope to have a healthy and happy baby!

It is confirmed that Michael needs a lot of help coming up with good baby names! The name Jennifer popped up after the passing of SusieQ’s mom in October to honor her.  Rayleen is the combination of Michael’s parents name as another alternative.  However, Michael wants the baby to have the name Fitzgerald or a killer name as “Dexter” if the baby turns out to be a boy! Oh boy, somebody help us! There’s so much in a name that can affect the destiny of any upcoming child!

There is very good baby news on the way from SusieQFitLife.com that will be announced by March!

Many thanks to all of you for your excitement, support and love!

A baby is coming! A baby is coming! A BABY IS COMING!

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  1. Erma

    I think a name should be sentimental and reflect the parents…my children have biblical middle names but their first name are sentiments of my family and I…

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